The Best Basal Thermometers Reviews of 2021

The Best Basal Thermometers Reviews of 2023

Do you want to plan for natural family organizing, whether you’re looking to get pregnant or trying to avoid it. Fortunately, the last few years have brought a smart way of wearable fertility trackers, which is the Basal Body Thermometer.

BBT is the lowest temperature that the body reaches when it is resting or sleeping. This physiological parameter links to the hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle, increasing up from 0.5 to 1 degree Fahrenheit after ovulation occurs.

The BBT thermometer can effectively track your ovulation and monitor your cycle of period, chart your BBT, and predict ovulation. Therefore, keep in mind to this post, and you will find a list of the best basal thermometers reviews of 2022.

Advantages of Basal Thermometers of 2022

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charting remains one of the most effectively proven and frequently used methods to estimate ovulation. Thus, here’s some advantages of having basal body thermometer:

  • Accurate Measure

The basal body thermometers of 2022 are considered as the best version than the old ones. It is designed to read 98.235 degrees Fahrenheit, giving as accurate measure for your body temperature.

  • Quiet Sound 

Almost all the best basal body thermometers of 2022 support a quiet sound function in which there is a beep to indicate that the thermometer is finished to measure your body temperature.

  • Memory Feature

Most of smart BBT thermometers have memory recall that saves your last measurements. You will just need to turn the thermometer back on to get the last record of your basal body temperature. 

  • Smart Functions

The basal body thermometers of 2022 have lots of smart functions that easy to use, providing convivence and assurance. Each high-tech BBT thermometer has an LCD screen display, compatible app, an on/off button, and digital models that showing the reading via the small display.

Top Basal Thermometers reviews of 2022

Some of basal body thermometer has great features and functions you have to consider before buy yours. To know those features and functions take into your account the following list of best basal thermometer reviews.

iProven Basal Thermometer

For having the best basal body thermometer, iProven effectively will meet your needs. iProven basal thermometers is designed to leads moms to their positive pregnancy test, is getting grip to family planning.

iProven basal thermometer is ultra-sensitive thermometer. Thus, you will have the result of basal temperature within a minute with accurate reading and an extra quiet sound.

If you want to detect your fertile window and ovulation, the best basal thermometer from iProven will help you to identify your natural cycle and thermal shift in 1/100th degree.

This BBT thermometer has a built-in memory function that saves your last measurement. Also, thanks to its auto shut off after 5 minutes, don’t worry about leaving the thermometer on after measuring.

If you want to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, just you need to press and hold the ON/OFF button in the iProven thermometer till you see the C or the F blinking, and then you can choose what you want. 


  • Batteries and hard case included.
  • Guidance towards your BFP.
  • Predict your ovulation.
  • Memory Function.
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Auto Shut Down.
iProven Basal Thermometer
iProven Basal Thermometer

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Easy@Home Basal Thermometer

For those women who are looking for conceive, Easy@Home BTT thermometer can make your dream become true. Easy@Home basal thermometer is designed to be easy to use that provides you with precise and fast results.

This BBT thermometer supports Bluetooth enable and Premom app, compatible with both iOS and Android. The Premom app identifies your BBT and predicts the fertility window and even give you a warning before you ovulate. So, you can track your cycle and fertility windows prediction at any time.

The accurate ovulation tracker, period calendar, and fertility companion, Easy@Home smart basal thermometer automatically records your BBT in one fertility chart. 

You can easily read the results of this basal body thermometer within 1.5 or 2 minutes from a small, backlit screen displaying and also exact track your measurement history. Moreover, you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


  • Smart Premom App.
  • Backlit Screen Displaying.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Memory Function.
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Easy@Home Basal Thermometer
Easy@Home Basal Thermometer

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iFertracker Smart Basal Thermometer

If you’re looking for an easy way to chart your basal temperature while you’re sleeping and your body is resting, iFertracker might be a good choice for you.

With iFertracker basal thermometer, you will wear the thermometer under your arm, and then the sensor collects 20,000 temperature data points and prevents any loss of contact to the skin, ensuring a continuous and accurate measure.

iFertracker smart basal thermometer can calculate your BBT and predicts the fertile window that helps you to get pregnant faster. Additionally, the iFertracker app offers a clear outline for menstrual cycle’s different phases, including follicular and luteal phases, the fertile window, and ovulation day.

Although the iFertracker app takes the age-old method of tracking, it is a user friendly, convenient, and accurate way to track your BBT and predict ovulation.


  • Smart App Included.
  • Bluetooth enable.
  •  Comfortable to Wear.
  • High-quality Tracking.
  • High Precision.
iFertracker Smart Basal Thermometer
iFertracker Smart Basal Thermometer

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Generation Guard Best Basal Thermometer Reviews

For an accurate and fast basal temperature reading, Generation Guard is considered one of the best BBT thermometers to purchase.

Generation Guard BBT thermometer has clinical accuracy of 1/100th of a degree and gives a reading in 15 seconds with, which is four times faster than other thermometers.

Generation guard is a highly sensitive digital thermometer that tracks your ovulation and fertile window for natural family planning process. Also, it has FDA and European CE approval, which bring convenient that you use a reliable thermometer

This basal body thermometer is designed to be easy to read with its LCD display and easy to use with its flexible and bendable tip so that it can used in the mouth, rectal, or armpits.

The memory function in Generation Guard basal body thermometer records the last temperature reading, which is easy for women who are looking for conceive. Also, it gives you a reading in Fahrenheit (F) to 1/100th of a degree.


  • Water Proof.
  • Fast BTT Reading.
  • A flexible & Soft Tip.
  • High Precision.
  • FDA & European CE Approved.  
Generation Guard Best Basal Thermometer Reviews
Generation Guard Best Basal Thermometer Reviews

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What is basal thermometers?

The basal thermometer measures your temperature just like a normal digital thermometer. The biggest difference with a normal thermometer is that it measures even very small pulses.

What does a basal body thermometer do?

The basal body thermometer helps you monitor your fertility and detect your ovulation. You can do this by regularly checking your temperature every morning.

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