7 Best Sous Vide Cookers with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

7 Best Sous Vide Cookers with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Sous vide cooking belonged only to the limited professional kitchens and the world of haute cuisine. At that time, people were going to high-end restaurants to try the low-temperature cooking method.

However, nowadays, lots of sous vide cookers are coming up with an affordable price for amateur cooks, and those who desire perfect, tasty food results to have it in their kitchen.

Here in this article, we’ve collected seven of the best sous vide cookers to help you choose the perfect one for your kitchen.

The Usage of Sous Vide Cookers

Sous vide cooker has become a popular cooking style for many kitchens around the world, making the cooking method much easier and more friendly.

If you’re wondering what souse vide cooker is and what used for, Here’s the answer you need;

Sous vide cooker is a new cooking style in which food is vacuum-sealed into a special cooking plastic bag with spices and submerged in water that is heated at a low temperature for a long period of time.

Sous vide cooker might clip onto the side of a pot or is a self-contained water oven, which you can monitor remotely by your phone app, giving you an accurate, low temperature to get keep the nutritional value of food.

Now, there are lots of latest techniques coming up in the new cooking style like; WIFI sous vide cooker, another with Bluetooth, and some have both WIFI and Bluetooth that connect to an app on your phone to watch the machine and control temperature and time.

Reasons Why You Should Try Sous Vide Cookers

This cooking method can make your food tasty, your meal healthier, and your life easier. Sous vide cooker is not required excessive amounts of attention or standing over to make sure that the food doesn’t burn.

Here are the reasons why you have to try sous vide cookers:

  • Preserve Food

Sous vide cooker controls the transfer of heat between the water and food in a gradual way. Therefore, food is cooked evenly. It does not only preserve food but also concentrates the flavor of food and improve texture.

  • More Healthy

Sous vide cooker is considered healthier than the other traditional methods of cooking, in which sous vide cooker requires less oil, salt, and fat, in addition to a long period of cooking time, which preserves more nutrients.   

  • Variety of Food 

With sous vide cooker, you can put different meals and recipes at the same time in one pot with the same water bath but different pouches. You will save your energy, time, and experience less stress in a family or party dinner. 

  • Easy Moving

You can use sous vide cookers anywhere. You can cook from your couch or set the temperature and control from your work. 

Sous vide cooker is easy while you’re traveling, you just need a pot, an electrical outlet, and plastic cooking bags, and then you’re a culinary genius.  

  • Safe Cooking

Cooking usually contains fire and very high temperatures, which might be painful when you getting close. But sous vide cooker will never reach boiling no matter how high you set the temperature, so it’s safer and more painless even if the water were to tip over.

How to Choose the Best Sous Vide Cookers

How convenient and perfect for people who want to make and eat amazing dishes and purchasing sous vide cooker is a great investment for your kitchen. Therefore, we’ve rounded up the best seven brands of sous vide cookers, so keep in mind the reviews of sous vide cookers as follows:

1) Anova Nano Precision Cooker

Anova precision cooker is considered one of the best sous vide cookers, for its sleek, solid aesthetics and for its easy usage and storable that fits snugly into most kitchen drawers, as well as, the large recipe collection which you can choose your favorite from.

Anova sous vide keeps an even, accurate temperature additionally, it’s water-resistant and heated fast, not to mention its options for manual control and Bluetooth, so you can manage your device whether from your phone app or directly from Anova precision cooker.


  • 1000 watts
  • WIFI capable
  • Anova App
  • Temperature Range: 0˚-92˚C (32˚-197˚F)
  • Water and Splash Resistance
  • 2 Year Warranty

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2) Breville Precision Poacher

Breville poacher is characterized by its slim, compact, and amazing design with a white body and a sloid stainless-steel cap, which makes the Breville sous vide cooker easy to use and store. Breville precision poacher is also stood on a magnetic bottom without a clamp, which is a great feature.

Thanks to an 1100-watt motor, Breville sous vide cooker can handle up to 10 gallons and heat water effectively and fast. Breville poacher comes with technological features like WIFI and Bluetooth compatibility.

Breville poacher is a good choice for those who want a high-tech and compact device because it’s considered the most hassle-free experience for everyone.


  • 1100 watts motor
  • Bluetooth and WIFI Connection
  • Temperature Control to 0.2°F / 0.1°C
  • 11 inches height and 1.3 pounds
  • Fast and Precise
  • Lightweight and portable

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3) Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide Cooker

Inkbird WIFI sous vide cooker is the best option for its great WIFI connection, which you can set a timer and allow the cooker to do things while you’re setting on the couch watching your favorite movie or stay at work.

Inkbird WIFI sous vide cooker is perfect for making meat, eggs, cheese, and vegetables, so you can use it at any time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It supports 1000 watts of motor power, temperature range from 25°C to 99°C, and time setting up to 99 hours.

If you’re looking for sous vide cooker that can remotely start with WIFI and has a good quality of the app, then Inkbird WIFI sous vide cooker is the best for you.


  • 1000 watts of Power
  • WIFI Capable
  • Temperature range: 77°F to 210°F (25°C to 99°C)
  • Maximum time: 99 hours & 59 minutes
  • Accurate Temperature
  • Fast heat circulation

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4) Chefman Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Chefman sous vide cooker has a touch screen LCD display to easily read the cooker and comes with an app, WIFI capable, and various videos of different meals help you with cooking. It heats the water quickly because of its 1100 watts of motor power.

Chefman sous vide cooker is perfect for cooking delicious steak, pasta, meat, and veggies. Once you try the Chefman immersion circulator, you’ll never use any other brand in your kitchen again.  

If you’re constantly busy, on the road, and want the dinner ready when you step in the door, this Chefman sous vide cooker is our recommended choice.


  • 1100 watts motor
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Bluetooth and WIFI Connectivity
  • Chefman App
  • Touch Screen LCD Display
  • A 360 directional Pump
  • Affordable Price
  • User-Friendly

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5) Wancle Sous Vide Cooker

Wancle sous vide cooker has unique features that help you with everything you need, starting with the lovely digital control panel that easily displays the temperature, passing by the high-temperature accuracy, end up with a variety of meals and cooking recipes.

Wancle sous vide cooker is easy to use, clean, and transport as well because of its stainless-steel sleeve. It comes with 850 watts of power, temperature ranges from 77°F to 211.8°F and ultra-silent

This Wancle sous vide is a popular pick for more affordable sous vide cooker or for those who are doing sous vide for the first time.


  • 850 watts of Power
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Temperature range: 25-99.9°C (77°F-211.8°F)
  • Ultra-silent
  • Maximum time: 99 hours & 59 minutes
  • Single-Hand Operation
  • Stainless-steel
  • 2 Year Warranty

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6) Gramercy Kitchen Sous Vide Circulator

Gramercy sous vide circulator is considered one of the best sous vide cookers, thanks to its delayed start timer. You can set the cooker and timer to remotely start working whenever you want and when you come home, dinner will be ready.

If it’s the first time to use the sous vide cooker, don’t worry because Gramercy sous vide cooker comes with a downloadable time and temperature guide. This well-made Gramercy kitchen sous vide cooker should give you a quality experience at an affordable price with a comfortable size.


  • 800 watts
  • Stainless-steel Pump
  • Bluetooth and WIFI Connection
  • Delay start timer
  • Maximum Temperature: 100C, 212F
  • Thermal stability: +/- 1% C

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7) Uten Sous Vide Cooker

Uten sous vide cooker stands out for incremental settings and features with amazing food results. This type of sous vide cooker is perfect to cook chocolate, and sweets or meat, chicken, and seafood.

Uten sous vide cooker comes with WIFI enable and handy app, not to mention its digital screen that’s easy for you to read the temperature and time, alongside with an affordable price.

The Uten works just as well as most top sous vide cookers. However, the price tag and the WIFI connection make it a good deal.


  • 1100 watts motor
  • WIFI Capable
  • Handy App
  • Digital Screen
  • Stainless-steel Sleeve
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Smart Device Control

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