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7 Best Remote Control Cars Under $50 Review of 2023

Remote control cars are not limited to children, they are also can be used by a young adult, teenager, or even parent, providing hours of fun for both kids and adults.

RC cars are considered a toy that stands the test of time, and every day a new generation of remote control cars are invented, pushing technology to the next level with a wide array of special features. 

While you can find remote control cars anywhere, here, we’ve picked up the seven best remote control cars under 50 US dollars to take into your consideration. 

Types of Remote Control Cars of 2022

In a world where smartphones and tablets are dominated by children’s games, but still RC cars have the power to make your little one enjoys. However, the question is what type of RC cars should I get is the first question that pops into everyone’s mind before purchasing. The following is some remote control cars you should consider: 

  • Mini Replicas 

This type of car is considered a miniature of any real car models like Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari, or more. Now, you can get an exact copy of your favorite car, as lots of factories can design your dream car as a mini replica. 

  • Wall Climber Cars 

This type of RC car under 50 US dollars can climb walls, windows, or ceilings. The vacuum system of the car allows it to defy gravity and climb on any flat surface. Also, the powerful suction fans can suck the air out and create a vacuum. 

  • Rock Crawlers 

For those who are preferring rugged off-roading, rock crawler cars are made for you. It stands out with huge off-road style wheels that have independent suspension, giving the flexibility requires.

Rock crawler cars are much larger than usual RC cars. It can drive through the different types of terrain with ease and comes with an affordable price between $30 to $50. 

  • 4WD Buggy Cars 

Buggy car is considered the best choice for RC cars under 50 US dollars racing car enthusiasts. It is capable of multi-terrain, more versatile, and shockproof. Also, Buggy cars are designed in an amazing classical appearance with flexible movement and waterproof to keep the electronic components protected.

Tips to Consider Before Purchasing RC cars  

If you’re one of the newbies to remote control cars or you’re buying it as a gift but you do not know anything about. There are some important tips you have to follow to buy a worthy RC car: 

  1. You have to make sure about the material of the RC car, which has to be a safe and non-toxic material. 
  2. The features of the potential remote control must meet your needs. 
  3. Also, the design of the remote control car is very important whether you’re buying for a young boy or an adult. 
  4. The battery is considered the most essential part of the remote control car. You have to make sure that the battery is swappable you can change and last for a long period as possible for playing time. 
  5.  Make sure about the remote control range and the traveling distance between the remote and the car. 
  6. You have to take a look at the recommended age range for the product before purchasing. 

Now, you become aware of all the possible types and tips for buying a new RC car, and the following will sort out the top 7 brands of remote control cars, so keep in mind. 

Top 7 RC cars under $50

Needless to say, the RC car market is filled with avenues and technologies, and we will portray a list of best RC cars under $50 with unique abilities and appearances, so let’s take a look: 


A great toy RC car under $50 with a powerful design, fixable body, high-quality rubber tires, and stable control on the ground, SZJJX Rock RC Car is one of the best remote control cars on the market today. 

The SZJJX RC car’s suspension spring system saves it from the impact of a collision or falls and protects the internal parts. It comes with a Lithium battery that can last for 20 minutes of playtime and remote control with more than 60 meters distance. 

Another feature in SZJJX car is the brake that effectively stops running once the tripper is pushed forward. It’s not only durable but also supports unexpected climbing power and strong suspension springs.


  • Classical Appearance
  • All-terrain Capable
  • Waterproof Body 
  • 20 Minutes of Playtime
  • 60 Meters Control Distance
  • Effective & Fast Brake 

Bezgar RC Car “4X4 off road 1:14” 

Bezgar RC car is considered the most effective remote control you can get for under $50 of money. With Bezgar 4X4 RC car, you can drive as fast as 25 km/h and drive on both sides because of the strong power of the dual motors that able to conquer various terrains. 

This type of RC car comes with two large battery capacity that can use for 30 minutes of playtime ceaselessly. Also, it has a strong wireless remote control system with 2.4 GHz, which is can offer a stable and non-jamming signal that allows multiple users to play at the same time. 

Bazgar 4X4 remote control car has a durable material body with hollow rubber wheels that crashworthy and non-slip tires, reducing shocks while driving and helping the car to climb and cross the obstacles, in order to provide a more realistic racing car.


  • Durable Material Body
  • Dual Motors
  • 25km/h Fast Drive 
  • Two Large Batteries 
  • 30 Minutes of Runtime 
  • 2.4 GHz remote control system 

Double E Remote Control Car 

Double E remote control car is stand out as one of the best remote control cars under 50 US dollars. It boasts a multi-colored graffiti body that catches your eyes and attention, not to mention its non-toxic and safe plastic material for the child. 

Double front and rear motors system for more electric power. The extra power and super-grip tires provide the vehicle with its strong driving force that can climb across a manner of challenging terrains.    

Another feature of the Double E RC car is the waterproofed body that ensures the electronic components safe and dry. Also, we have to mention the battery life of the double E remote control car because it gives roughly 30 minutes of runtime with a solid 800mAh. 

if you’re looking for an excellent all-around professional RC car, Double E RC Car is a good choice. 


  • Multi-colored Graffiti Design 
  • Double Motors System 
  • Non-toxic Materials 
  • 30 Minutes of Playtime 
  • Detailed Interior 
  • Waterproofed Body

Jellydog RC Car 

Unique design, adorable features, and one of the best RC cars under 50 US dollars, Jellydog remote control car picks the best budget for an electric car with a different style and shape. 

Jellydog RC car totally looks like a real car with its bright LEDs which adds an extra magical touch as well as its durable body that crash-resistant. Not to mention the anti-skid tires that keep the car steady while performing rollovers. 

Let’s give more value to the 360° flips and 180° rotations that make the car go forward, backward, left, and right. Another unique feature is the double-sided design that lets users drive the model upside down.

If you want to enjoy endless fun playing, Jellydog remote control car is the best for you.  


  • Double-sided Rotating 
  • 360 Degree Flips 
  • 30 Minutes of Runtime 
  • Anti-skid Tires 
  • Bright LEDs 
  • Crash Resistant
  • 2.4GHz Wireless RC  

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Growsland RC Car

Growsland RC car is the perfect option for 6-year old kids because of its child-safe non-toxic material body. Also, the body of the car has a high-gloss finish protected by a scratch-resistant layer and strong material that can hold up through lots of crashes. 

For the sake of its affordable price, Growsland RC car is one of the best remote control cars under 50 US dollars. Growsland remote control car has durable wheels that turn forward, reverse, left, and right. 

The bright LED is a great feature that makes a hit with glossy headlights lovers. Also, Growsland RC car has a total of six batteries, four for the car and another two for the remote control as well as a powerful engine and remote control with 27MHz.  

For the sport car lovers, Growsland RC car is here for you.  


  • Child-safe ABS plastic
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Six AAs Batteries 
  • LED headlights
  • 27MHz Wireless Controller
  • High-gloss finish

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Tecnock Remote Control Car

Excellent RC car made of high-quality and healthy plastic material of the body, which has a strong crash resistance, solid surface grip, and four anti-crash durable tires. This Tecnock remote control car creates durable quality as one of the best RC cars under 50 US dollars. 

The performance in Tecnock remote control car is considered a great and eye-catching feature with its amazing double-sided flips, 360° rotating, and move forward, back, turn left, and turn right.

Another convenient option in Tecnock remote control car is an updated rechargeable battery without needing to remove it when charging. Also, it allows multi-players because of the high special frequency of the remote control 2.4 GHz that can control the car from long distance. 


  • Non-toxic Surface 
  • Crash Resistance
  • Double-sided Flips 
  • 800 MAH Battery
  • 45 Minutes of Playtime
  • 360° Rotating
  • 2.4 GHz Controller 

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Blexy RC Car 

Last on the list is Belxy RC car, which stands out from the crowd to be one of the best remote control cars in the market. This car is made of high-quality PVC material that is safe for the child. 

No matter what the land is, Blexy remote control car navigates across all manner terrains with relative ease due to the strong power motor. Also, the two wheels drive in the car can provide strong power to make many difficult moves.

Blexy RC car Equipped with 3.7V 700mAh powerful and rechargeable battery 3.7V 700mAh. Also, it comes with an extra battery that will effectively double your runtime. 

If you want to bring a ton of fun for children of all ages, Blexy remote control car is considered a remarkable choice for you. 


  • Extreme High Speed
  • Strong Power Motor
  • 50 Meters Controller Distant
  • 20 Minutes for Playing
  • Water-Resistant Body
  • 2.4Ghz & 2WD Drive
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