Best Desk Wireless Charging Lamps 2023

Desk lamps of 2022 are totally different from the old ones. 2022 brought new desk lamps, which have many features and techniques that up-to-date with today’s progress. Now, there are USB-powered desk lamps, wireless charging ones, and phone-controlled lamps that more convenient and durable.

Here in this post, you will find a list of five high-ended and high-quality desk lamps with wireless charger.

Top Desk Wireless Charging Lamp Brands

The decision on which one of a desk lamp to buy is considered a hard one. Hence, we collected five of the best desk wireless charging lamps that help you to make a good purchase, so keep in your mind the following list:

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

If you are looking for a bright desk lamp that can also be dimmed, you must think to buy a TaoTronics nightstand lamp with wireless charging.

Light Moods that Perfect Mood:

A TaoTronics desk lamp offers seven different brightness levels, what you need is to just swipe your figure along the touch panel to choose the light mood you want.

Also, the five different modes included in this desk wireless charging lamp can make the lighting cooler or warmer. This lamp is very bright at its highest setting and provides a good spread of light.

Another light function of the TaoTronic desk lamp is the swivel and tilt base that can help to direct the light that ideal for work, study, and reading.

Functions that User-friendly:

This LED desk lamp with wireless charger is designed to be easy to use to provide convenience. It gives you the ability to replace a couple of devices in your bedroom or home office and provide the same function.

TaoTronics LED desk lamp with wireless charger gives high-efficiency wireless charging that combines RavPower’s HyperAir Technology, compatible with iPhones and Samsung devices. It gives 7.5-watt for iPhone and 10-watt for Samsung devices.

TaoTronics desk lamp provides multi-functions in one attractive package. It’s not only supporting wirelessly charge your device but also contains a USB port in the back that fits most standard charging cables.

Design that Inspires:

TaoTronics best wireless charging lamp is built with a sleek design and durable materials to outlast the majority of desk lamps on the market. It has super-premium aluminum alloy construction that acts as a passive heat sink.

TaoTronics lamp comes with white and silver colors that give purity in the timeless interiors. This modern design with ultra-slim arms that anodized, the brushed aluminum base adds more style and tidy touch to your home office.

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Mchatte Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

If you need another functional addition to your home office, Mchatte Wireless Charging LED desk lamp might be worth adding to your list.

Light Moods for Eye Care:

Mchatte wireless charging LED desk lamp is ideal for reading, working, and relaxing. It comes with a flicker-free light that brightens your room without harming your eyes.

Mchatte nightstand lamp with wireless charging provides five levels of color temperature and five levels of brightness to choose the best environment that suits your atmosphere.

The arm of this best desk wireless charging lamp easily adjusts to different heights and angles. Therefore, the head can go as far as 225-degree, and the base can be turned 180-degrees.

Functions for Easy Use:

The wireless charging pass in this nightstand lamp delivers 5V of power for iPhones and 2A for Samsung devices. You can charge your phone, tablets, and other electronic devices in an easy way.

Mchatte a versatile lamp also supports a 5V2A USB charging port on the base. Mchatte led desk lamp with wireless charger can totally exceed your expectation that is also electric-friendly that help reduces the electricity bill by up to 90%.

It is determined to impress you to the end with its great features. Mchatte is equipped with a humanized timing. Thus, you no longer need to wake up in order to turn off the lights, it will turn off by themselves after a while.

Design for Classy Room: 

Mchatte LED desk lamp is designed with a contemporary appearance up to date with a 2022 look. Once you buy Mchatte desk lamp, then you have chosen the better design and less risk.

It comes with plastic and metal combined material. The bottom is also lined with non-slip material. The black color of Mchatte desk lamp is the color of elegance and beauty. So, it can be as a décor that gives elegance to your commode or office.

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Masdio by Ampulla Desk Lamp 

If you’re searching for a high-tech best desk lamp with wireless charger, Masdio by Ampulla desk lamp promises to meet your needs.  

Fantastic Light Moods:

Masdio nightstand lamp with wireless charging supports a seamless touch dimmer to soothe you into a relaxing sleep. The touch panel makes life easy for you in which you can turn the lamp on or off and adjust the light with a simple tap of your finger over the lamp. 

This desk lamp offers 200 lumens brightness that provides plenty of light without jarring your eyes. It also has a Good Night Mood that dims the light and then turns it off after 30 minutes. 

Impressive Functions: 

The Masdio desk lamp boasts a Qi-certified wireless charger. You can use wireless connectivity to charge efficiently and fast all your modern iPhones and Samsung devices. 

It’s not only including the wireless charger but also boasting a wireless built-in speaker to tunes your music on swiftly and clearly. You can enjoy your favorite songs in crystal clear full-range sound. 

You are getting the best desk lamps with wireless charger more than what you are paying for.

Elegance Design: 

The tree of life lamp design is unique, the Masdio desk lamp comes with a cherry wood shade that covers the light over a black base and a silver tree trunk design that stands out in the room like a luxury item.

It can make you feel like you are in the embrace of nature due to the calming and soothing scent included in the stylish Masdio by Ampulla LED desk lamp.

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iHome Desk Wireless Charging Lamp 

If you want a tidy and best wireless charging lamp, iHome desk lamp is interesting for you. 

Light Moods 

iHome nightstand lamp with wireless charging creates 600 lumens of light can go from bright to dim and from cool to warm colors as you’d like. The lighting of the lamp further enhances 8 levels of brightness and 4 color modes.

You can easily choose from the levels of brightness and color modes by swiping your finger along the base of this best desk lamp with wireless charger. 


iHome Desk lamp is a bedside lamp, it is more than just a light. It supports a built-in cordless wireless charger and 3 USB ports. 

When it comes to wireless charging, it frees you from the hassle of handling charging cords. The Qi charging pad suitable for all your modern smartphone devices, including Samsung Galaxy S8, note 8, iPhone X, 8 Plus, and other Qi-enabled devices. 

If your device doesn’t support wireless charging, you can use the additional smart USB ports with a combined power output of 5V/4.8A that charges multiple devices up to two times faster.  


The modern design of the iHome desk lamp matches all types of decent tastes. You can put the desk lamp wireless charger on your commode in the bedroom or home office that promises to add more beauty and glory. 

Other than that, the iHome LED desk lamp with wireless charger has a premium design that is made of a safe metal. Yet, the most crucial thing is the lamp can elevate the look of its overall surroundings by its neat and fabulous look.

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LumiCharge Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger 

If you are interested in fashion, we recommend LumiCharge Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger. 

Light Moods 

LumiCharge desk wireless charging lamp contains 10 different levels of brightness and three hues with wide coverages of light that you need without harming your eyes. Thanks to its dimmable LED lighting, you can choose the perfect brightness for study, work, or sleeping. 

This best wireless charging lamp supports a built-in LED night light with accurate motion sensing and darkness detection that automatically turns the light on when motion is detected in the dark. 


LumiCharge desk lamp combines with multi-functions and features. Alongside with multi-brightness LED lamp, there are Q1 wireless charging, a USB charge port, an LED display showing info such as temperature, time, and date. 

For the wireless charger, the top surface of the base is a Qi-enabled 10-watt fast wireless charger that works perfectly with iPhone and Samsung devices. So, no matter what the type of your smartphone is, LumiCharge will take the responsibility of charging with ease. 

There are different charge connectors in this desk lamp, including USB-C, Micro USB, and Lighting.  Also, it provides a rotating charging wheel that allows charging your phone while seeing its display.  

The touch control panel on the base of the Lumicharge nightstand lamp with wireless charging turns the light on and off by sliding your finger over the lamp. 


LumiCharge can be used as s home décor in your home office or bedroom, providing an elegant and sophisticated look. It is designed with a multi-jointed arm that can rotate 360-degrees and a wide-angle light head that match any space. 

This wireless charging lamp makes for an excellent purchase for any modern bedrooms and offices, adding a new minimalistic touch to your space whether you choose the black, white, or silver color.  

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