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7 Best Baby Nursery Light In 2023

Lots of parents are suffering from big trouble getting their babies to sleep at night. Maybe they couldn’t find a good routine and sleep schedule for bedtime.

There are a lot of solutions you can follow to make your baby sleep well at night. However, baby nursery light is one of the important solutions that you should consider to make your baby reassured fall asleep.

Therefore, in this article, we rounded up 7 baby nursery light to use while sleeping your little baby. So, Keep in Mind:

The Advantages of Baby Night Light

There are numerous advantages once you choose the best nursery night light for your little baby.

Lots of parents can leave the closet or hall light on to illuminates their child’s room, despite it’s not practical or useful as the baby night light. The advantages will be explained as follow;

  1. Nursery lighting will prevent your babies’ fear and help them to sleep well and feel safer.
  2. Baby nursery lighting can boost a baby’s brain, according to doctors in The American Optometric Associations.
  3. Nursery Lighting is good also for parents, who can walk through their babies’ room, allowing you to check on your child in an easy way.
  4. The baby nursery light is making nighttime feedings and diaper changes easier without disturbing their slumber with turn on lights.

The baby nursery night light comes with a variety of usage and benefits for babies and their parents. Check the following types to choose the best light for your child. 

Type of Nursery Night Light

Parents might get confused to know the best type of baby nursery light that can be purchased for their child. But here, we rounded up some of the best types of nursery night light. 

  • Plug-in Light

Plug-in lights plug directly into the wall. This type of nursery lighting is useful for babies’ rooms as it has built-in sensors that turn on when the reaches certain darkness.

You can find numerous brands of plug-in lights, including but not limited to; VAVA light, Hatch rest light, and normal bulbs.

  • Bulb Light

Bulb nightlight is basically a table lamp that you will find a variety of kinds and shapes in any shop. You can control the light tone in the bulb according to your little baby for sleeping comfortably.

  • Portable Light

A portable night light is perfect for movement around the baby’s room, as it can be located anywhere in the room. Besides, almost all kinds of portable light have a rechargeable battery

VAVA has designed lots of portable nursery night light to make it easy for parents and their child as well.

  • Soft Light:

The soft light emanates from an animal toy that has a light inside. These types of lights are designed for babies above two years old when the child can interact with the animal toy.

Vtech Baby Critters Friend has designed various forms of night light shaped in different animals that child prefers, such as frogs, cats, hippos, and unicorns.

  • Color Lighting

There are lots of kinds of baby nursery lights designed in many colors to distract your child while sleeping. Color lighting can completely affect the way your child sleeps.

Usually, the best colors for sleeping that refer to bedtime are yellow, orange, white, or red. 

7 Best Baby Nursery Light

Here are seven of the best baby night light brands that can help you determine where to put down your money.

1) Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

This type of baby nursery light is considered one of the most useful nursery night lights for babies’ rooms. It has magnificent functionals and benefits that will be mentioned as follow:

  1. Choosing many light colors and sounds according to the mode of the night for your child, which helps promote uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Setting time alert to rise with controlling specific brightness, volume, and sound level.
  3. Not to mention, the remote control of the nightlight machine that can be customized with your smartphone, using the Hatch Baby Rest app.
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

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2) VAVA Baby Night Light

VAVA night light is the best night light for feeding baby. This type of night light is made especially for parents to feed and check their babies.

So, if you want a savior option to check, feed, and diaper changes for your little baby at night, a feeding night light from VAVA may be a good choice for you. Keep in mind the following benefits:

  1. VAVA night light comes with many color options to choose from, such as green, blue, pink, purple, and more.
  2. Designed to save energy with its soft light and smooth touch control.
  3. VAVA light lasts for more than 100 hours and has a rechargeable battery to use.
  4. Also, parents can control the light level, according to usage, because of the low and high light options.
VAVA Baby Night Light Review
VAVA Baby Night Light

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3) Vtech Baby Critters Friend

This type of nursery lighting is considered a baby’s friend. This little toy of light contains a variety of features that help comfort your little child as follow:  

  1. Reflecting the night light upon the room’s ceiling with different shapes like stars, dots, and more 
  2. This adorable hippo toy night light has the ability to play soothing tunes and nature sounds.
  3. Controlling system in this night light machine allows parents to choose the tone of light and level of sound in their baby’s room.

There are a lot of baby critters for the night light machine, such as frog, unicorn, cuddly hippo, owl, and so many more as your child likes.

Vtech Baby Critters Friend Review
Vtech Baby Critters Friend

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4) Starry Global Nightlight

Starry nightlight is a new model for nursery lighting, has lots of great features and benefits for a good sleepy night for your child.

  1. This type is perfect for child sleep, in which your child will focus on the stars’ lights that are projected onto their walls till falling asleep.
  2. This starry nightlight features an easy on-off switch for easily parents’ usage.
  3. With just a press button your baby’s room ceiling will turn to a sky full of stars, which intrigues the child.
Starry Global Nightlight Review
Starry Global Nightlight

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5) Campsite Night Light Bulb

This campsite night bulb is one of the best light bulbs for a baby nursery, considering its incredible shape and outdoor theme. Babies respond best to the night lights are designed in different shapes and themes.

  1. The campsite night light bulb has an awesome feature, which is you can control the low and high lighting according to your needs.
  2. Offering the best, warm light color for baby comfort sleep that reflects on the baby’s room wall in amazing shape.
  3. Therefore, if you want a different light to inrush your baby’s night, take in your consideration having a Campsite Night Light Bulb.
Campsite Night Light Bulb Review
Campsite Night Light Bulb

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6) Tiny Tales Night Light

The combination of audio-visual stimuli for babies may help soothe them to sleep better. Thus, the tiny tales night light combines light and sound in a perfect way as follows:

  1. The toys in the baby nursery lighting attract your baby’s attention while falling asleep, which creates a soothing environment for perfect sleep. 
  2. This type of nursery lighting is designed to fit all kinds of babies’ beds and rooms.
  3. Your child will be well nighttime distracted by the audio, visual, and lighting options in the tiny tales night lights.
Tiny Tales Night Light Review
Tiny Tales Night Light

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7) Boon Glo Night Light

This kind of baby nursery light is very practical for newborns. Follow the benefits below:  

  1. Boon Glo nursery night light is perfect for newborns, who are still trying to adapt to the new atmosphere because the LED lights involved are safe for small eyes.  
  2. Moms can benefit from this Boon Glo night light as well, as it’s guiding the way for feeding and diaper changes.
  3. You can use from one to three light balls in Boon Glo as you wish for a perfect night light for your child.
Boon Glo Night Light Review
Boon Glo Night Light

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When it comes to choosing the best light bulbs for your baby’s nursery, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you want to make sure that the bulbs you choose are soft and not too bright. You also want to make sure that they are energy-efficient, so that you can save money on your energy bill. Finally, you want to make sure that the bulbs you choose will last for a long time, so that you don’t have to keep replacing them.

Some of the best light bulbs for baby nurseries are LED bulbs. LED bulbs are known for being soft and not too bright, which is perfect for a nursery. They are also energy-efficient, so you can save money on your energy bill. LED bulbs also last a long time, so you don’t have to keep replacing them.

If you are looking for the best light bulbs for your baby’s nursery, LED bulbs are a great option.

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